Technical Help

Please watch this first

This short video explain about how we use Zoom for our online courses and why you need to register an email address that is not already used on Zoom. 

How to log out of Zoom

How to access the classes

Three things you need to do to avoid any frustration when logging into our course... 

How to log out of Zoom

How to sign out of your personal Zoom Account

This is the important first step you must complete before signing in to our Zoom account...

How to log out of Zoom

Signing in to our Zoom Account

You must sign into our Zoom account before clicking any links to access the classes. You can sign in via their website at www.zoom.us or you can use our custom built sign in page at...


Downloading the Zoom app

You do not need to use the Zoom app and can sign in from your browser if you prefer, but we recommend using the app as it has some extra features.

How to log out of Zoom

How to get a new email address for free.

If you need to set up a new FREE email address there are many options available. We recommend using "Outlook". The following short video shows you how to set up a FREE Outlook email address, which you can use to enrol on our course. 

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