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Course Contents...


Week 1 - The art of the 8-bar progression. 

This session takes an approach to harmony that allows you to see beyond individual cadences and to express the bigger structures when you improvise. We will examine how to spot the longer harmonic sentences that are the essential building blocks of song form. 

Week 2 - Decoding the ‘slash-chord’. 

This session looks at modal harmony and the cryptic chord symbols that come with it. We will learn how a slash-chord can symbolise a mode, how to extract an appropriate modal voicing or two and learn the difference between a slash-chord and an inversion. 

Week 3 - Triadic and ‘inversion’ harmony. 

This session examines the ‘chorale’ sound as it appears in both Gospel music and European Folk-influenced Jazz. We will explore how the use of inversions can create a more melodic bass movement, how to spot key centres when there are no traditional cadences to guide us and how to expand our ideas of ‘major-ness’ and ‘minor-ness’ beyond key-signature. 

Week 4 - The Harmony of the Blues. 

This session explores the tonality of the ‘Blues’ and how the inflections and colour of this sound world affect the underlying harmony. We will check out blues cadences and parallel riff-based harmony in an effort to find the right voicings to support the deep and resonant sound that is at the very heart of this music we love.


Course Schedule

Session 1

Saturday 9 October 10:30am 

Session 2 

Saturday 23 October 10:30am

Session 3

Saturday  13 November 10:30am

Session 4

Saturday 27 November 10:30am