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Strictly limited places allows time and space for the tutor to monitor your individual progress and provide feedback to help your development 

The course includes small assignments and performing opportunities within the class

Includes free downloads

All classes are recorded and are available for you to review and study

Only £80 for four 1hr classes over six weeks

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About this course...

This course is aimed at singers of all standards who would like to develop their improvising abilities. It is also aimed at instrumentalists who would like to develop their aural and improvising skills through scat singing. This is a progressive course with practice assignments between classes. There will be individual feedback and performing opportunities within the class. 

Topics included...

  • Working on your sound, feel and delivery of a song

  • Improve your jazz phrasing

  • Developing a good sound, feel and a range of scat syllables

  • How to improvise effectively from the melody (embellishment and use of motifs)

  • Scatting over chord changes using licks and guide tones

  • How to build narrative in scat solos

Course Schedule

Session 1

Saturday 2 October 10:30am

Session 2 

Saturday 16 October 10:30am 

Session 3

Saturday 30 October 10:30am

Session 4

Saturday 13 November 10:30am