The Online UK Jazz Course

Tues 4 - Thur 6 August


Only £120 for the best 3-day jazz course on the internet! 

Registering your email address with us

When you enrol for The Online UK Jazz Course you need to register an email address on our Zoom account, so you can sign in as a recognised user and have access to all of the classes. It is not possible to have the same email address registered on more than one Zoom account. There are many different ways around this, but the simplest way is to provide an alternative email address. This is very easy to do. Please watch this short video which explains how our Zoom account works and why this is necessary...

If you need to set up a new FREE email address there are many options available. We recommend using "Outlook". The following short video shows you how to set up a FREE Outlook email address, which you can use to enrol on our course. 

After you have a second email address set up click the red button to enrol...